How to program (enter code to control TV) Sony BDP-S370 Blu-ray Remote Control (RMT-B107P)

If you have bought a Sony BDP-S370 Blu-ray player and are wondering how to program the remote to control a non-Sony TV, you will be disappointed to find that the instruction manual contains no information on how to do this at all. Although it does contain a list of TV codes at the back.

After much googling and entering similar remote model numbers on the US Sony support website, (the UK support site doesn't recognise the remote control model number at all) I found some instructions. However, they were quite misleading as instructed to enter a tv code using the arrow buttons.

The solution is actually quite simple:

  • Hold down the TV I/O (small green button) on the remote.
  • While holding that down, enter you TV's code (found at the back of the instruction manual)
  • Release the green button.

And that's it. You should now be able to control your TV with your BD player remote. It's such a pity that Sony didn't include that in the manual.

5 May 24

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  1. Thanks a lot! I've just bought a BD S370 player, have a Samsung tv and couldn't believe that they provide codes in the manual but no instructions about setting up!

    24 Jul 10 15:17 Bob

  2. Thank you , worked like a charm

    26 Jul 10 15:16 Kath Garvey

  3. Great, thanks for the tip, it worked straight away!

    31 Jul 10 21:38 K Gascoigne

  4. Thought I was going mad! I kept going back over the manual sure I was missing something. Surely they wouldn't list the codes and not tell you how to enter them? Er, yep that's exactly what they did :)
    Thanks for the help.

    2 Nov 10 21:29 Chris

  5. Thanks for the info. You're a star. Sony instructions very limited. (But not as bad as Samsung phones. You'd have to be telepathic to figure out all the functions - 'cos they sure ain't going to tell you. But if you're telepathic, why would you want the phone?)

    10 Dec 10 12:57 Andrew Jones

  6. I must have an updated manual as it's printed in mine on page 32 along with the codes. Real shame is it won't control my JVC :(

    10 Dec 10 15:14 Rick

  7. Thanks. That's really helpful. I almost gonna burn that user manual after couldn't find how to enter the code.

    Now, a new question. Anyone know what types of USB devise it supports? I plugged in a thumb drive (128 mb) and it could read it. But it couldn't read a usb disk of 500 gb. is there a size limitation?

    25 May 11 17:49 kku

  8. Thank you. An amazing BD player with all the features but linking the remote to my Samsung TV was the icing on the cake.

    29 Aug 10 11:23 Phil Nelkin

  9. Thank You For The Tip, It Worked Well.....
    I think that just like The Sony UK Telephone Help line, the Instructions Book for the BDP-S370 is a bit lacking in places. ;-)

    30 Aug 10 1:30 David Poole

  10. Thank you, saved me hours of searching

    24 Sep 10 15:57 Neil

  11. HUGE thanks! This was driving me nuts. So simple a solution. Can't believe they didn't see fit to include it in the BD manual.

    2 Jun 12 23:00 Scott Witte