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How to host multiple websites with MAMP Pro and DynDNS

I've been trying to set up a system on my local machine that enables me to have multiple sites running as virtual hosts, each with it's own public URL so I can show clients etc before actually putting it on a remote server. The solution I soon realised would be MAMP Pro in conjunction with DynDNS.

However I couldn't quite work out how to set it up to work with multiple hosts. I got a domain in DynDNS pointing to my IP address but it would only show the default host set up in MAMP. I thought the wildcard subdomain on the DynDNS domain would correspond with the name of the host in MAMP. However, they all just showed the default host.

It turns out that you need to set up individual domain hosts in DynDNS and then use the full url of those in MAMP Pro as the name of the host (or just as an alias). For example, lets say you have two hosts in MAMP Pro, one called test and one called test1. In DynDNS you need to set up two hosts, you can call them whatever you like but lets say you choose (the second part can be one of several choices if you have a free account) and You will then need to add an alias to your hosts in MAMP Pro and call them and for your respective hosts.

That's it - simple once you know but I couldn't find this piece of info anywhere!

25 Jul 08

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