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Easy fix for Logitech MX Revolution not charging

A little while ago it appeared that my Logitech MX Revolution had stopped charging. It didn't seem to recognize that it was placed on the charger. After almost giving up it occurred to me to check the contacts were clear on the underside of the mouse. I just scrapped them with my finger nail which seemed to shine them up a bit. It actually only seemed that the one on the right needed any cleaning, possibly something to do with it being positive or negative.

Anyway, this fixed the problem and it now charges fine. I wouldn't have considered writing about this except for the fact that a friend of mine was also complaining about a Logitech mouse not charging and this fixed the problem for him too.

Update: It looks like all the commenters below have discovered a strange alternative way to get the mouse to start charging - give it a bit of a slam! Obviously at your own risk!

Update 2: 'John M' in the comments below (14th May 2012) has found another very interesting solution if the charging issue appears to be reluctant/intermittent. Pry the stand on the charger forward slightly and wedge a bit of paper in-between the stand and the stand base/back. This presumably adjusts the pressure/angle of the mouse enough to make a stronger contact when the mouse is placed in the dock. Charging now works every time on mine.

17 Dec 07

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