Nuisance calls from 0800 358 4487 claiming to be Three UK

At just after 6pm this evening I received the second call of the day from 0800 358 4487. On both occasions the caller claimed to be from 'Three, the mobile network'.

Yes, my phone is with Three and first caller did know what phone I had and when I ordered it, as well as my name, so in all likelihood they were who they said they were. Or, at least, they were acting on Three's behalf.

The first call was tolerable (although I can't remember if I specifically opted out from marketing calls or not when I ordered the phone - I usually do). Essentially they wanted to get other members of my family on a Three contract as well. I said politely that this wasn't of interest at which point the caller rapidly lost interested and said his goodbyes. Fair enough. That was in the early afternoon on a weekday, he knew my name and was, probably, from a company who's services I use. In fact the same sales team has even been complimented by an industry blogger here.

However, I was to receive a second call at 6pm. Just when my wife and I are trying to be quiet and sooth our 7 month old baby to sleep. I immediately recognised the number and, curious to see what they could possibly want for the second time in the same day, I answered. After hearing the same spiel about them being from Three etc, I told him I'd already been called earlier today. I was then interrogated as to the purpose of the first call. In the interests of discovering where he would go with this, I said 'special offers'.

This is where things started to get a bit out of hand. He started explaining to me that it was actually impossible that I could have received a call from them earlier. This was because the system couldn't call the same number twice in one day. I should be clear that this wasn't a kind, polite, explanation. It was, in fact, about as rude as it's possible to be whilst maintaining some level of composure.

So in no uncertain terms I was then being accused downright of lying. Clearly, even though they are from Three, they didn't have access to my recent calls list. I've attached a screenshot here for a giggle. The two cancelled outgoings were me accidentally calling them back while trying to view the call details.

Eventually I managed to part ways with this anti-salesman with only a baby to put back to sleep after being woken by the call.

The fact that this was a repeatedly unwanted call, coinciding with my baby's bedtime, was what prompted me to write this and see if anyone happens to search for the number and has been equally annoyed by their tactics and anti-social calling hours. I doubt I'll find the time to take my complaints in any official direction but I'm seriously tempted.

Update 12th July 2013: It seems they have forgotten my request not to be contacted again as today I have received two calls and a text. The first call, which I ignored, was from 0800 358 4486. Then I got a text which came up as 'FromTheee' on my phone. Then, at the anti-social hour of 18:45, I was called from 0800 358 4494. Suspecting Three, I answered to confirm this, and indeed it was. I'm assuming the first number was also them.

Update 19th November 2013: They have once again forgotten my request to not be contacted and are now calling me again from 0800 358 7281 at 18:25 - just as we're winding down for bed time with our 15 month old.

15 Mar 13

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  1. I've had 2 calls in about 3 days aswell from the same number!!! Im on 3 and havent answered it as thought it would be a nuisance call. What do i do?

    28 May 13 14:51 Shannon Keating

  2. Hi Shannon, I'd answer it for a laugh! Once you've spoken to them once, you can see if they call again and accuse you of lying when you tell them you've already spoken to them!

    28 May 13 15:18 the author

  3. Hi There,
    I have also had the same run in, for the past two weeks the same company has been phoning my 3 number at least twice a day, there have also been calls from a variation of the number above including; 0800 358 4481, 4484, 4486, 4490, 4492, 4494 most recently 4487. Now i don't generally answer calks from numbers not known to me and it was only out of intrigue that I searched the number to find your post. Then, i mean literally just as i had finished reading this post my phone ironically started ringing form the very same number, this time i answered to be asked by the caller if I was there, at this point I told them this was a takeaway, they quickly apologised and hung up. Thanks for your post! I hope this info is also useful to yourselves and others. elpsy62.

    30 May 13 15:06 elpsy62

  4. I have encountered the same call. I have asked to be removed from their automatic dialing system and was assured this was done. Since then I have rejected another 3 calls. Bloody nuisance! I work as a manager in a busy call centre and if they have called you back in same day then they ran out of data and did a full reload (which is a breach) or the adviser on call manually set a call back, which is stupid. Either way, both are inept. First rule of customer relations is that with no customers there can be no marketing calls so treat existing and loyal customers with respect! I will be changing providers as soon as my contract ends. I urge all of the people above to do the same. JPS

    10 Jun 13 14:34 frustratedman1

  5. Just thought id google this number as they rung me offering me the world. And when something seems too good to be true... it often is.
    I asked them to ring me back later today after ive had chance to process the scripted monotone words yelled at me down the line.

    I think I will have fun with this one and offer them a few services of my own when they call back.

    Service number 1 - a free bitch slap to all agents who ring me.
    Service number 2 - you can opt out of service number 1 at a cost. But by doing so you are agreeing to a donkey punch
    Service number 3 - I shall let them live if they delete my number from their records and get a proper job

    Lack of sleep = no time for these people!

    17 Jun 13 14:06 DC

  6. Hi all having the same problem, did have my preferences set so the can only contact by postal mail but it seem when you renew your contract (more fool me) they conveniently reset your preferences I have been called everyday some days twice for a week now oh and all the texts. I have reset my 'sod off Three' settings and they have still rung !! This is the last contract I will be having with Three Mobile.

    18 Jun 13 19:05 Fred

  7. i have contacted 3 myself through email, i got a txt msg at dinner time today to say they would phone me in the next 10 mins which they did and what i wanted sorted was there and then on the phone, well ive just had a call from this number that you have mentioned above so just googled it and this came up so just thought i would put my experience

    19 Jun 13 15:06 jodie

  8. Thanks for the info, like others I'm a three customer and got a dozen of these calls a week I dont answer 0800 numbers as the only one I use is the Gas company and their numbers in my phone so comes up as named. It does matter about phoning them back and asking to make a complaint then stating you want to escalate the complaint at which point you get to speak to a person who is polite ind speaks good English, (Apologies to speakers of other languages) they advise that the call is recorded and your complaint can take up to 5 days to be resolved, they give an exact time and date? on this occasion she just apologised and assured me that my marketing settings would be changed and I've heard no more. Dont be fobbed off by the 1st person you speak to they are usually sales

    20 Jun 13 11:43 TK

  9. I am receiving several of these phone calls a day and I am absolutely livid about it. They always say 'No, it would be on our system if we had called you previously' despite getting between 2 and 4 of these a day, sometimes as late as 9pm and as early as 8am.

    They have now started sending me text messages, with the same spiel, every few days.

    This has been happening on and off ever since I got my contract with Three. I am incredibly annoyed, and will be making formal complaints both to Three and Ofcom.

    24 Jun 13 14:49 Kimi

  10. 8th of July; 15:38 - 08003584487
    8th of July; 20:24 - 08003584487 (Surely out of business hours
    9th of July; 15:30 - 08003584487

    Note: I do not answer 0800 numbers so will likely get harrassed further due to this, although by the sounds of other posts on this, it looks like it would not matter, even if I had answered I'd still be harrassed. Good job Three, you have made me question my choice in network.

    The other calls I can quite happily ignore, I just think that 8:24pm is far too late to be harrassed by sales calls, or any calls from a business that you have not requested.

    9 Jul 13 14:39 C P

  11. I have also been receiving calls from this number claiming to be Three multiple times a day. Anywhere from early morning around 8am all the way up to around 8 and 9pm. Made a complaint to Three about it but they seemed to completely ignore it and seem to be calling me even more now.

    11 Jul 13 18:54 Robin Banks

  12. I actually work for Three and was brought here by a customer who found this article. i believe that this number is the Three telesales call centre based within UK and not a scam. when i rang the number i spoke to the associate who informed me that he was indeed calling from Three amd not a 3rd party company

    13 Jul 13 14:35 andy

  13. Thanks for commenting Andy. I have no doubt the calls are from Three or at least being made on their behalf. I think the problem users are having with them is the relentless and anti-social nature of them.

    13 Jul 13 15:53 the author

  14. Much as I like the 3 network, they do subject you to a high level of sales calls. Over time I've collected probably all of the numbers used by them. All these numbers have been added to a call (and text message) blocking app available on Google Play. While most numbers in my blocked list just don't connect, all the ones for three have been set to divert to...... THREE! Yes, I have arranged for their sales team to phone their sales team instead of bothering me.

    18 Jul 13 13:23 Tim

  15. Please 3 STOP CALLING ME! I have had enough! They are chasing me day and night, over and over. I'm very tired

    24 Jul 13 13:47 Maria Ramirez

  16. I have 2/3 calls a day from these now losing the will to stay with 3 if this is the way they conduct business.. I have 2 contracts with them what more do they want??? Its a form of torture/bullying...think i'll ring them and do it back!!!

    25 Jul 13 15:51 cheryl

  17. Yeah, three are terrible for this kind of nonsense. I won't get any calls for months (which is good), then they'll be non-stop for a while, it's weird. They're quite persistent with the irritating promo texts too, I resent being forced to receive ads on a paid service.

    Their 3G/ mobile networks are better than they used to be/ better than their reputation seems to be but I doubt I'll be renewing my contract with them.

    26 Jul 13 10:43 James

  18. This number has phoned me over 15 times this past week! Most times throughout the working day (don't they realise that people work?) and 6 times at between 3-5 am! Surely call centres aren't open at this time? I'm fed up now and have been into the three store a number of times and they keep telling me to phone three and opt out of the calls, which I have done each time to no avail! Three are crap!

    29 Jul 13 21:19 Katie Williams

  19. Oh, and they also have massive problems with changing a direct debit date! Twice I asked, the second time I got it in writing, stil didn't actually change the date though did you Three?

    30 Jul 13 10:31 TeeJay

  20. Had them phone me twice today, and I don't like to answer 0800 calls because my mum pays for my contract with 3 in her name but they always call me instead of her, even if the call is intended for her. The second call today was at 7.47PM, which I consider far too late to bother people with sales. They've also phoned my dad and sister several times today, and it's quite annoying that you can go months on end without a peep and then get bombarded by texts and sales calls...

    1 Aug 13 19:36 Sam

  21. 8 times in the last 7 days. Always when I'm at work. Driving me absolutely mad and seriously reconsidering my choice of network.

    1 Aug 13 19:39 Don Walker

  22. I used to receive them daily
    Sometimes even up to 4 Times in one day
    Then they phoned me and I said
    "If you's phone me again,I will record it and send it to the police"

    I have had no phone calls from them in 2 month

    3 Aug 13 10:37 Gary

  23. It is 8.50 pm and for the 3rd time today I am still being harnessed. I will be changing networks. Grr.!!!!!

    7 Aug 13 19:49 Tyla

  24. had a good few calls over the past few days, the first time i thought id answer it and then the hung up, so i thought nothing of it, then they rang again the next day, and the same thing, so now i've just been hanging up on them, and dont really want to answer anymore, because ive heard some horror stories about things like this...

    8 Aug 13 17:45 Martin

  25. They keep calling me as well - offering me loyalty deals! It's so irritating... I'm not on the 3 network on my phone, just on my iPad. I don't want them to call me and I don't want any loyalty points/deals etc. I politely told them not to call because I'm not interested. They continue to call. They also don't make sense or speak very good English, which is why it sounds like a scam!


    13 Aug 13 15:37 M Hayes

  26. Getting fed up of the calls I work nights so sleep during the day keep getting called in the morning thanks 3 and I wont answer any num I dont recognise

    14 Aug 13 12:03 neil

  27. Hi just wanted to say all you have to do is call them back (if you have any restrictions on spending on your mobile probably best to use your landline) on the same number, 08003584487, and there is an option to remove your details from this promotional campaign, by pressing two at the first option and then you'll be asked to enter whatever number they have been calling. This is actually Three doing this, they may have just hired a less than kosha outside agency to do their cold calling.

    14 Aug 13 14:50 Sam

  28. I've received 8 calls within the past 7 days... last one as recently as 1 min ago. Yesterday they called 2x! Number always starts with 0800 358 and according to my log, ends with either 4487, 4480, 4052, 3025, 9148, 4435. This really needs to stop.

    15 Aug 13 11:15 BES

  29. I too have just got a call from this number but didn't pick it up because i never pick up 0800 numbers anyway. Thanks for the heads up!

    16 Aug 13 10:54 Daniel

  30. It's really not funny what 3 network is doing for marketing. I got this call when I was already in the middle of one important call. I got it to hear some unfamiliar accent about some rewarding thing. When I call to 3 customer service it was useless as they know nothing...

    16 Aug 13 14:52 Amber

  31. save the number to your,e phone then set ring tone to silent for that number and vibrate off, you wont know when they are phoning you, thats what i did,

    20 Aug 13 16:57 ken

  32. If you have an Android phone. Long press the telephone number in your call history 'block'. I have done this for all the various extensions within this call centre. I must be down to the last couple of lines now. Hardly ever get the calls now. You can block their texts in the same way.

    21 Aug 13 15:42 Matt

  33. Got a call from them today, reason why I Google the number. The guy asked me when was my contract ending, after I told him, I realised that if he was working from 3 he should have known that. So I told him that while ending the call. Hope to never hear from them again. If not, I'll contact three and tell them abt that. Cheers

    23 Aug 13 9:59 Ross

  34. They keep calling me too! twice, sometimes three times a day. I can't answer between 9-6 as I'm in work but when I do answer (usually around 7pm) there's never anyone on the other line! I've received 5 calls in two days from the same number. I definitely won't be renewing my contract!

    29 Aug 13 18:32 Rhiannon

  35. 2 calls from this number today! Didn't bother picking either of them up - glad I know what is now so I can ignore it with no guilt!

    30 Aug 13 15:29 Connie

  36. They've called me 9 times in 4 days. I'm clearly not going to answer, why do they keep trying?

    2 Sep 13 18:48 Dave

  37. I have had several missed calls over the past 2 weeks from 0800 358 4487 .. All at different times of the day one especially at 21.02 (definitely out of office hours) i dont answer to numbers i do not know and what's more is that i have two contracts with Three one is mine the 2nd is my partners. I've had all these missed calls but he hasn't had a single one, yet the other month i went through the same exempt i answered it an it was a sales calls to get the iPhone 5 on contract etc. i said no then got another call a few days later saying the same. Thn my partner started getting the calls i had told them the exact same then.

    13 Sep 13 13:25 Bex

  38. I've been called 2 times yesterday, once miday, once around 6, and I had a text the day before. I've had this before & that was three too, and when explaining I wasn't interested in the deals at all (after myself being ripped off with being given a second hand & already broken product in the contract, yet when approaching a few weeks after, they said that they don't have the phone anymore, so couldn't do anything... Resulting in me having a broken phone, but a 24 month contract) and the man was still pushy and insistent on trying to sell me it.

    20 Sep 13 0:20 Craig matthews

  39. Had multiple calls from these people. One guy even didn't realise he was still connected once my answerphone kicked in and I had a message in a broad scottish accent whittering onto one of his coworkers full of swearwords. Number now blocked.

    4 Oct 13 12:58 Michele

  40. I got fed up to the point today where I called Customer Services and insisted they stop the calls from marketing immediately. I was asked to hold whilst the Indian lady ensured that that was done. I then invited them to say sorry in a visible way and she applied a £5 credit to the account. Not the world but a Fiver s a Fiver!!

    7 Oct 13 17:33 Chris Young

  41. I also have 2-3 calls off this number everyday. I send a reject message everytime. Seems they dont take the hint.

    9 Oct 13 17:45 madeleine

  42. I would just like to thank you for this post because I found it on google when I searched the phone number to find out who is ringing me. Ive already had nuisance calls from Three before, and next time I'm going to let them talk while I put the phone down and walk away from it, so after they've gone through their whole script, they'll find out I wasn't listening!

    10 Oct 13 11:55 Sinead Woods

  43. I've had calls multiple times a day for the past few weeks. It seems no amount of calls to CS, complaints and interaction with their twitter service can stop them. Considering taking further action now. It's appalling behavior.

    14 Oct 13 10:54 Nick

  44. I have also received 4 phone calls from two of the number details above today and 2 calls yesterday. I have now blocked them using the software that came free with the latest ios7 software.

    What really angers me is that they are committing an offence, because I have had my number listed with the Telephone Preference Service (TPS) for over 7 years, so I should not be receiving any of these calls. When a company like Three (or their agents) start ignoring the rules regarding unsolicited calls, it is time for some regulatory action.

    16 Oct 13 17:18 Stephen Hughes

  45. Have had 5 calls in 4 days from this number, including several at 8pm. Already had it on a "Do Not Answer" contact to forewarn me, now blocked it entirely via iOS7. Ridiculously dumb to harass your existing customer base, will now bear this in mind at contract renewal time.

    22 Oct 13 21:37 Jem 5x5

  46. I am also on TPS - told them to stop calling and to be removed from all marketing/diallers but the calls continue.
    Had 12 calls in 10 days.

    So just reported them to TPS and the ICO.

    25 Oct 13 13:15 Tom

  47. Can i please just say,

    Please remember some people have no choice but to do jobs like these. They're under so much pressure contacting in excess 300 people a day and they are moaned at by managers and take abuse from customers.

    Fair enough you dont like the calls and they're at anti social hours but do you really think they want to call you?

    I believe the first course of action if you pick up the phone (Because you don't have to and any modern phone you can block the number in settings) is to politely inform them you're not interested and thank them for there call.

    If they're very pushy and rude then by all means take your own course of action. But trust me they don't want to call you anymore than you don't want them to.

    28 Oct 13 18:27 Thomas Taylor

  48. I keep getting this number calling me also I just hang up on it all the time but there keep trying don't there get the hint am not interested in there calls lol, think I had about 8 calls now all after 8pm

    20 Nov 13 8:21 Simon

  49. HAHAHAHAHA this so funny!! these guys have rung me on 8 different occasions...every tiem is some guy called sanjay, mathew, sam etc etc

    so i decided to go along with the call..having spoken for a WHILE and me repeatedly telling them that y name is not Mr pollock i was still offered SPECIAL deal as afamily and friends inative ...

    again going through the handsets available to me , the contract terms and conditions the guy asked me for my bank details for direct debit set up...I gave him the details (mind u its a bank account i last used quite a few years ago)
    To his surprise my details didnt match (well daaaahhhhhhh), and he finally realised that i was the wrong person...

    well done Mathew @ 3

    20 Nov 13 15:55 dave

  50. I have been getting these phone calls everyday up to 8 times a day for the past year. At first I use to answer and no one would speak but it would then charge me 50p each call answered, so I started to reject them, only to start recieving them more frequently. Since having my iPhone software updated to iOS7 (there are some good perks to the new software) I've been able to block the number myself as they are clearly incompetent of doing this for you on their systems. However today between 8am and 11:30 this morning I've received 3 phone calls... Starting to think they don't quite get the message and appear to be an annoying ex you just can't get rid of no matter how much you try.
    It's interesting to see they bother so many people.

    25 Nov 13 11:37 Bmr

  51. I'be been receiving 2/3 calls a day from
    This number in the last 5 days. At first I was abroad so I didn't answer.
    Once I got back to the UK I picked up and I couldn't hear anything.
    How can I make them stop???

    25 Nov 13 16:53 Valentina

  52. Getting so fed up of calls from this number, had them every single day for the past week, up to 6 times in one day during both working hours and evening hours!

    I answered the first few calls, it was a different person each time wanting to know about the contract i'm on. Surely if they are from 3 they already have my contract details?! I politely asked them to stop calling from me as my preferences state to contact me in writing but they still continue to try. Have now figured out how to block the number so hopefully they won't be ringing anymore.

    6 Dec 13 15:46 Charlotte

  53. Called me at work today. The guy did know what phone I had but was insistent that it was 4G compatible (which it certainly is not) and wanted me sign up for some great 4G deal. He continued to argue that my phone was 4G capable. He knew when my contract was up for renewal, so was clearly working for/with Three. However, even after I told him that we have four mobiles in the house and all are with Three, he said "how about a pay as you go? " I asked why I'd want to do that and he said "because it's cool! " I said "cool costs money and I'm not prepared to pay for it". He said he'd call me closer to the end of my contract (June 2014). We'll see if they wait that long...

    10 Dec 13 21:43 Paul

  54. I get called by several numbers from three around 5-7 times a week, even after requesting them not to, not answering their calls and opting out via text. I recently threatened to leave the network and they're still harassing me

    11 Dec 13 17:51 Fuzzy

  55. He keep calling and being someone who's stupid that calls again and again. We didn't pick up because it isn't a number who know so we wouldn't pick up.

    7 Jan 14 22:29 sret6eryrh

  56. I am getting about 3 calls a day from them too! I've blocked their numbers on my phone so will see if that works.

    10 Jan 14 15:59 Noodles

  57. I've had enough of these. I am able to block numbers which I do every time one phones me... but then another variation just phones in it's place. Also while blocked numbers don't ring, they do get put through to voice-mail where they keep leaving, either silent voice messages or ones that just say 'hello'. I've given up deleting my voice messages now. I have like 12.

    28 Jan 14 15:37 Matt

  58. Just had call from 08003583025 and yes another marketing scam, this time they hang up and expect u to call them back, which from a mobile costs u ur time or money, i like many others that took contracts from 3 opted out of marketing c**p and yet 3 service centre want you as a user to fill out an online application to prevent marketing calls, something they promised to do themselves. I will be looking to find an org that is in process of suing them for nuisance and harassment calls as for timing, over past 6 months calls range from 2am through to midnight (gmt). I wont be renewing contracts with them if this doesnt stop. Maybe if everyone boycotts thrm they soon feel what it is like to be under threat from stupid ideas that cause grief and unhappiness

    24 Feb 14 12:56 Richard

  59. I am sick of this number constantly calling me. Their new trick seems to be calling just long enough for your phone to ring then ending the call in the hope you will call them back. Well guess what I won't! I think the idea of diverting the call back to 3 is great. The other thing I like to do is keep a whistle by the phone, it beats repeating I'm not interested over and over again. If you feel kind you can also refuse to end the call from your end- I leave the line open, I've been begged before now to close the line because until you do they can't harass anyone else... What a Shame!!

    15 Mar 14 14:24 Jo

  60. This has just started for me. And seemingly with greater intensity than others have had: 2-3 times a day for a week solid. Haven't answered.

    25 Mar 14 12:22 C

  61. I regularly receive calls from this number and similar, I never answer them as I know that they are looking for more business, as people are employed to make these call and capitalise on current business.

    All times of the day, any day of the week including weekends. I have been with Three almost 4 years now, and really can't complain about the service that I have had. I have a great signal where i work, live & socialise and the one plan really is great value for money as I really do talk a lot so 2000 minutes a month even for me is more than enough. My phone batter has trouble keeping up (Iphone 5) however I bought an up rated battery which now last much longer than the original did so I do not need to do a supplementary charge at tea time

    So if you can live with the promotional calls, which may happen every & now and then for about a month or so, Three are just as good as the O2, EE & Vodaphone.

    Just don’t answer them.

    31 Mar 14 13:15 Patrick Humphry

  62. I'm deaf and use my mobile for texts only so I kept getting this caller, but tonight I answered it and said "I'm deaf text me only! " and promptly hung up!! Now will they send a text instead???? I don't mind a text but hate the phone calls

    1 Apr 14 18:17 Phil Cray

  63. Received this call today, asking me to sign up to mobile phone insurance. |Told him I will think about it and very strong indian accent man who knew my name ect said he will call be back at 8:30pm

    WELL I RANG THREE THEMSELVES VIA THERE 333 NUMBER FROM MY PHONE. They told me themselves this is a con, apparently you sign up and they then charge you for each and every call you make. Heads up people

    2 Apr 14 14:05 Chara

  64. you have to remember these people who are calling you from three are just doing a job just like most of us to pay the bills etc. i did receive a fantastic offer from them that i wouldnt have got in the shops and the agent craig was the nicest person ive ever spoken to

    16 Apr 14 19:12 john

  65. I have had this number call me at least 5 times a day for the last 4 months. I even went into my local 3 branch to complain, I showed them the call logs to which the branch manager told me this was not 3 calling me, as soon as he said this the phone began to ring again and he answered it! They have told me they are going to investigate as the operator went as far as to ask the manager his bank details so they could allegedly 'refund' an overpaid contract in his name (he played along to see how the call played out) after this he told them he was the manager of a 3 branch who had answered the call on behalf of a customer who came in complaining about 3 service calls. As soon as he said this the caller hung up. Now, most people would have thought they would give up at this point, but no. They are still calling me and the matter has now gone to the police. If this number does call anyone on here again, you are advised not to answer it and to log the call and send the details to your local branch and tell them the issues you have had. It does begin as you have said, just as a nuisance and rudeness, but it does and will move on to people asking for your details - the police believe this is just some kind of scam.

    25 Apr 14 10:43 Matthew Marsden

  66. I found your website after googling the phone numer in question. I did not answer the calls as I do not respond to 0800... numbers. I will not answer them after reading the comments. Thanks for the heads up.

    30 Apr 14 21:24 Catherine

  67. I found your website after googling the phone numer in question. I did not answer the calls as I do not respond to 0800... numbers. I will not answer them after reading the comments. Thanks for the heads up.

    30 Apr 14 21:24 Catherine

  68. My list of blocked 3 telesales numbers... These greedy scumbags are incredibly persistent and call from multiple numbers on 0800358****


    10 May 14 13:57 soddingwellsodoffthree

  69. I'm so fed up with these people, they have no manners. Please 3 stop calling me or I will stop being your customer.

    16 May 14 12:03 Anna

  70. I've had the same thing! I was told I was a cherished 3 customer and was eligible for a great contract (I assumed it was to replace my current contract). When I twigged that they were trying to get me to buy a new, SECOND contract over £37, I said I wasn't interested and that she should have made it clearer it was a second contract from the start... At which point she said 'uhh love I said that. 3 times already' as if I was the stupid one.

    3 Jun 14 19:54 Jeni

  71. Shocking that so many people are being harassed in
    this way. I have blocked all the variations of their prefix, bloody annoying - 7 calls in 2 days and also after 6pm...idiots.

    4 Jun 14 17:54 Jo

  72. I have also been receiving these even though last year I requested them not to ring me anymore as I wasn't interested in buying my family phone contracts from them. Over the last week they have rang me 3 times a day at various times including just now, at 7.30pm at night. It is getting ridiculous.

    12 Jun 14 18:26 Bethany

  73. I have had a few calls from 0800 358 4481 - same thing as others wanting me to get more contracts for family etc.
    I called 3 (333) from my mobile - the guy said it was their sales team, so I insisted that it stop.
    He said he has forwarded on the request to stop - only time will tell if it works.
    He also suggested that I join the TPS service as it is free and three do not contact numbers that are registered on the TPS service

    Hope that helps

    17 Jun 14 13:08 Stu

  74. I'm getting two of these calls a day, which I've mostly left unanswered. I've just told them to stop calling me, and put the phone down on them. From other people's comments, I'll be amazed if they do though. Very annoyed. It's in the day, evening and weekends.

    2 Jul 14 18:10 Clare

  75. Receiving 2 or 3 a day. Mostly I dont answer but they dont seem to speak either Spanish or French and seem to get frustrated with Je ne compren pas. Satisfying to hear s bewildered.. this is bad line or I dont follow you.

    1 Aug 14 16:21 lizj

  76. I have been getting several of these a day for about 3 weeks, while I was on holidays I might add so there was absolutely no way I was going to pick them up then.

    I answered one just there now and said nothing, let the guy speak away, then in a soft, mousey voice said 'hello', this kept him busy for another 30 seconds and I repeated just enough to keep him on the line for ages, eventually he gave up after a few minutes, still it was nice wasting his time.

    I recommend we all do it :)

    5 Aug 14 14:52 Niall

  77. I have had endless calls from Three from different 0800 numbers - they see me to roll over the last few numbers, preventing me being able to block them. I rang the sales team to ask them to remove me from their list and they claimed that they couldn't do this and just put me through to tel preferences number. Number they are ringing from: 08003584481 08003584473 08003589145 080035894480 08003584487 08003584481 08003584473 08003584494 sure what Three is doing is illegal? I am reporting them to the police.

    8 Aug 14 19:13 Elizabeth Wylie

  78. Same here, go through a phase of being ignored then lots of the calls constantly ringing you. I even rejected a call for them to ring me back the next minute.

    12 Aug 14 15:57 Daniel

  79. Answer the call. Tell him that your interested but there is someone at the door and could he hold the line.Go back to the phone 10 minutes later and if he is still there repeat step 1 until the penny drops

    12 Aug 14 17:37 paul

  80. I've found the best way with dealing with them is to shout at them. Literally scream down the phone like a crazy woman. I had about 10 calls in the space of a week and I always just answer my phone (cause I'm normally in the middle of something, what with having a 4 month old baby and all). On the last call I lost my rag I was off like a crazy woman ranting about how they had ring me hundreds of times how I wasn't interested and how they've woke my baby up and would they like to come from India and put her back to sleep etc. I was honestly screaming at them. They haven't rung back since though and this was a whole ago now 😊 hope this helps x

    21 Aug 14 11:52 Rebecca

  81. I have received 3-4 calls a day, for the past 5 days straight! Each time the number begins with 0800 358... with the final 4 digits varying. The first call of the day is usually between 11am and 1pm followed by another at around 4pm. Then from 5pm through 'till 8pm you can get them at any point. I refuse to answer any of these calls and after finding out just how persistent they are, was actually wondering if there was any way for people to block any numbers beginning with 0800 358... regardless of what the last 4 digits are? I'm on iPhone 4S. Thanks

    29 Aug 14 17:36 Jake Walker

  82. I've had two calls from this number in two days as well. The second I didn't answer. The first was great. They said they were from Three so I said: "That's great you called, I've been meaning to ring you. The coverage I get from Three at home and at work is so bad that I need to cancel my contract. Can you help me to do that?" The caller said, "erm, of course" and they hung up.

    18 Sep 14 11:15 JSMS

  83. I clicked the box never to be contacted by three via calls or messages yesterday as I realised I had not done that and have since been called twice by a number starting 0800 358! I received two calls in two hours. NOT HAPPY

    19 Sep 14 16:54 Alice

  84. I too have been harassed by these set of numbers, other than trying to block them all What can I do?

    19 Oct 14 14:42 Ian

  85. best thing to do is on android just block all numbers starting with 0800358

    unsure if this can be done on Apple/ios

    28 Oct 14 19:33 stranger

  86. I too have had 'hundreds' of these 0800 358 .... calls now on blocked list but there will still come many more, doubtless .
    i believe community action is called for here where each complainant is approached to assess whether there are any commom denominators -
    eg; is every complainant on Three.
    J g band

    11 Nov 14 21:32 Band

  87. I am getting calls from the following which are all probably Three. IT will be because I asked them to notify me when they stocked a particular new phone model. The thing is, I've already got the phone from them a couple of weeks ago, and still they call my old phone (different number). I've picked up twice. Once I waited and hung up just as someone finally said hello. Just now, nobody got to me before the automated system (?) timed-out.


    24 Nov 14 13:07 David

  88. I am being 'hit' with this dumb-marketing rubbish now.

    I have taken a different tact and recorded the previous conversation with the agent. During the conversation I informed him that I did not wish to receive any more calls, to confirm that he was authorised to, and capable of making this happen, and that it was a reasonable request. I then informed him that I would be invoicing Three for a £20 administration fee should I be forced to answer any more. I even got him to agree that this was a reasonable action on my part.

    Well....... I have just posted an invoice to them for answering yet another call.

    From experience, I will surely receive a call from someone senior in Customer Services who will fix things and I will drop the invoice.

    Failing that I will send them reminders, statements and overdue letters and culminate in a small claims court case which they will probably settle without it being heard.

    Lots of work to go down this route, but I think this epidemic of junk calls requires it. Hit them hard enough to take notice!

    Anyone else plagued I would advise to follow suite and try to enjoy the journey - it can be fun!

    8 Dec 14 19:19 Roger

  89. I'm getting several of these a day both during working hours and surprisingly late at night. Add to that I'm moving house and have so many solicitors, agents, brokers, surveyors, etc involved that I can't risk ignoring unfamiliar numbers. However, thanks to this article and the many comments I now know I can ignore 0800 358 ****.

    9 Dec 14 18:01 Dan

  90. I have had over 20 calls from them since wednesday! This is harassment now, I have told them if they eing again I will be forwarding all of their different numbers onto the police

    23 Dec 14 15:07 Reece

  91. I have been receiving calls from a variety of numbers in the last few months that are all related to 3 network.
    I never answer them.
    Now that I find out the reason for the calls it is beyond cheeky. My mother, father and girlfriend are all with this company and still they want more! ?

    We will all change to another provider now. Good job three

    8 Jan 15 17:22 nick

  92. I thought I would add my experience to this string. I have jusr edited my contact details on My3 home page. Basically said dont contact me unless by post. I will let you know what happens next

    17 Jan 15 10:30 Colin Mawdsley

  93. Go here and complain directly to three. Note yet will need the offending number , your mobile number, your account number and your home number. I suggest going to the pages / contacts list and copy and pasting all the info into a text file, copy all of that and then call up Paste / Clipboard and paste it in and delete what you don't need because IF YOU NAVIGATE AWAY FROM THE COMPLAINTS PAGE ALL FIELDS WILL CLEAR

    17 Feb 15 11:19 Paz

  94. I just received a call from 0800 385 3025. He claimed to be calling from Three mobile and wanted to give me a phone for £16 a month HTC Desire 620. Spent a long time talking about how good the phone is and what they would offer in the contract. Whenever I tried to say that I'll get back to him, he then tried to say that I probably won't get the phone and same offer. When I asked him to text me the contract details he said he could not do so, making many excuses. I don't even know if it is indeed a legitimate call from Three and I really don't trust this person. It's also giving a bad reputation to Three as a service provider.

    19 Feb 15 13:37 Kris

  95. I've been Three costumer for a year now and one week ago they started calling twice or even three times a day while working, while sleeping, morning or evening at any time. I blocked the 10 different numbers they used to call me, hopefully soon they will not have more number to call me again. I think this must be some kind of harassment and probably illegal.

    25 Feb 15 15:22 Hybrid

  96. These phone calls are continuing, years after the first post on this site! I get several a week, usually between 5.00 and 6.00 pm, and using a variety of numbers including 0800 358 4559, 0800 358 4473, 0800 358 4487. If calls come in starting with 0800 358 I completely ignore them. On the plus side I don't have to deal with an unwanted conversation, on the down side the calls are not stopping.

    15 Sep 15 17:58 JanetM

  97. Please note. if you are on an android phone. Call Blacklist Pro (obtainable from Google play services) will filter out ALL nuisance calls, by only allowing through whoever is in your phone book.

    I just noticed a number from what looks like '3' on 0800 358 4400 filtered out and refused from being able to leave messages on my answerphone. It's bliss now so I thought I'd share the info.

    25 Sep 15 18:14 Jay

  98. Yes 3 are worse than TalkTalk and that says something. I had to change my landline number with TT. I told the Police eventually and cancelled the contract. Horrible company and I now refuse to deal with any Indian or foreign call centre.These little blighters think they are above the law through political correctness....

    Eventually offered a refund. I simply cancelled the contract -they broke the terms.

    30 Oct 15 18:53 Guy Leven